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Hello there, CrystalFlame here, and welcome to the Norwegian Nights Archives!

This section of the site deals with the stories which take place after Germany's 2011 Eurovision (The Road To Berlin) and these mostly focus on the 2012 entrants and their stories. This second part of Norwegian Nights is called 'Kaliopi's Keychain'.

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???  - Under Your Flag - People expect the Bundesvision 2011 to be a peaceful affair, but the Baader-Meinhof group have other ideas....

(Bundesvision Song Contest 2011)

(Eurovision 2010 - Germany (Lena Meyer-Landrut))

??? - Mongrels - The machine which turned the 3Js into mice is now in British hands, but Terry Wogan accidently turns Vlatko into a mouse! With the help of the mongrels and Reepicheep, can he turn things back to normal?

(Eurovision 2011 - FYR Macedonia (Vlatko Ilievski))

(The Chronicles of Narnia (Reepicheep))


??? - December Land -

??? - Pokemon Black And White - When Gjoko sneaks into the new section of the PVR, Unova, he doesn't know that Prince William and Kate Middleton are plotting to make super genetically modified Pokemon and take over the PVR.

(Eurovision 2010 - FYR Macedonia (Gjoko Taneski, Billy Zver and Pejcin))

??? - The Skopje Fest Reunion - Kaliopi has lived a peaceful life in the Vatican as the adopted daughter of Pope Benedict, but when she returns to her native Macedonia to participate in the Eurovision, Prince William and Kate Middleton take advantage of the situation, and help Lithuania to bomb the Vatican. To top it all off, Kaliopi finds out that she is a secret war robot with nearly unlimited powers, but will she live up to her war robot powers, or will Prince William and Kate Middleton fufil their vendetta against Eurovision?

(Eurovision 2010 - FYR Macedonia (Gjoko Taneski, Billy Zver and Pejcin))

(Eurovision 2011 - FYR Macedonia (Vlatko Ilievski))

(Eurovision 2012 - FYR Macedonia (Kaliopi))

??? - Circle In The Snow - Lukas Yiorkas wishes very hard that his snowgirl would be real. Aslan is more than happy to oblige.

(Eurovision 2011 - Cyprus (Christos Mylordos))

(Eurovision 2012 - Cyprus (Ivi Adamou))

(The Chronicles of Narnia (Aslan))

??? - The Digimon Of Podgorica - Stefan Filipovic and his digimon partner, Rambo Amadeus, talk about talking part in the Eurovision Song Contest. Rambo Amadeus wishes he could enter the Eurovision, but he cannot, as he is a Digimon. But, just as all hope is lost, Aslan appears makes Rambo's dreams a reality.

(Eurovision 2008 - Montenegro (Stefan Filipovic))

(Eurovision 2009 - Montenegro (Andrea Demirovic))

(Eurovision 2012 - Montenegro (Rambo Amadeus))

(The Chronicles of Narnia (Aslan))

??? - How Deep Is Your Love - This is the reason that golden statues of the Bee Gees are all over Macedonia. A Bee Gees fanfiction.

(The Bee Gees)

??? - Flower of War - Belgium chooses their Eurovision entrant, but can Belgium really recover after the Civil War of 2011?

??? - The American Civil War - Gjoko and Vlatko go to play a war game in the PVR with the Americans. Things get out of hand when the Americans start to believe in the game they are playing....

(Eurovision 2010 - FYR Macedonia (Gjoko Taneski, Billy Zver and Pejcin))

(Eurovision 2011 - FYR Macedonia (Vlatko Ilievski))

(Eurovision 2012 - FYR Macedonia (Kaliopi))

??? - The Star Of Country Down - The 3Js discover that something is wrong in Ireland...

??? - The Emerald Isle - Kaliopi and Rambo Amadeus go to Ireland to investigate what is happening there, but are Jedward hiding something from them?

??? - The Cancellation of Poland - The Polish Eurovision entrants worry about the impact that Eurovision withdrawal will have on their country...

??? - Crystal Dreams - Albania chooses their Eurovision Song.

??? - Turkish Star Of The North - Macedonia may have a robot but now Turkey have one of their own... Can Bonomo...

??? - Every Way That I Can - Sertab Erener wants to be the empress of Turkey, and plans to defeat Empress Hadise with her new friend, Kaliopi. But Kaliopi has other plans...

??? - New Year's Revolution - Kaliopi takes over the world!

??? - The King of Switzerland -

??? - Echoes - The EBU makes the decision to bomb Indonesia, but has people's obsession with the Eurovision Song Contest become too much?

??? - The Penguins Of Greenland - A Skopje Fest crossover with Happy Feet and the Penguins of Madagascar! It just had to be done!

??? - Klangor Castle - Kaliopi finds out that XXL have been secretly running the Illuminati and the New World Order for years... but will she join them?

??? - The Legend of Lugano - What really happened during the first Eurovision Song Contest...

??? - Unbreakable - Switzerland chooses their Eurovision song again, but Lys Assia's secret from so many years ago finally comes out...

??? - Slovenia's Selection - Slovenia chooses their Eurovision song while dealing with their ongoing identity crisis...

??? - The Allocation War - The Allocation Draw of the Eurovision goes horribly wrong...

??? - De Troubadour - It's Eurovision 1969 and the host is General Franco himself! What could possibly go wrong?

??? - The Pokemon Duels - The Netherlands have found a new way to choose their Eurovision entrant, with Pokemon duels!

??? - A Deeper Shade of Blue - The UK chooses their Eurovision song with a shocking announcement!

??? - Of Mice and Macedonia - Prince William and Kate Middleton are up to their evil schemes again, they take the animal transforming machine from Terry Wogan and use it to turn Kaliopi and Engelbert Humperdinck into mice! As a mouse, Kaliopi cannot use her numerous powers, and so they have to find another way to turn back and defeat the evil British royals.

??? - The Grand National - Kaliopi visits the Grand National and Crufts to end their enslavement of the animals!

??? - Paradise - Disaster strikes at Serbia's presentation show when Coldplay decide to steal the song of Zeljko Joksimovic...

??? - The Digital Gate - Digimon escape through the Digital Gate into Macedonia!

??? - Euro Neuro - The Digimon run into the Montenegrin presentation show and reveal Rambo Amadeus' biggest secret, that he is a Digimon too!

??? - The Digimon Scandal -